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the requests were tied once-ler begging and once-ler sleeping on greedler’s lap ahsdkf wow especially the second one is horribly drawn omg (these sketches are awful)

as for the first one..uh……yeah it’s 3am I should better go to bed (I’ll try to do the other requests more properly tomorrow haha) 

Violent sex and cuddling—truly, ours is the greatest of fandoms

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Lookie here— I edited together the moments when Helms talks about Oncest into one spiffy little audio post! [I hope I got everything. Tell me if I didn’t.]

Ed Helms is amazing. And I think his reaction to this whole thing is amazing.   He’s so sweet about it. I mean, he’s creeped out, but he says so in a nice way. Also, he implied that if we raised enough money, he’d provide his voice for a Once-ler porno. He didn’t say it, but he totally fucking implied it. 

[just kidding]

But anyways, the fact that he addressed the fandom publicly means that more people than ever will be looking into Oncest.

This fandom will keep biggering and biggering and no one can stop it!

Oh God Ed Helms is amazing

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And now for something completely different. I wanted to be artistic at 2am for the passed week, in between doing commissions, and pulled out this. The consistancy is awful, as is the anatomy, but it was 2am and I didn’t care.

I wanted to put my own take on the 2012 ver. meets the 70’s ver. and I decided to use the actual script from the 70’s, which was FRIGGIN’ HARD TO DO, since Once-ler is a completely different character, but I really tried to make it work. I don’t want to depict Once-ler as creepy, the linework is just showing how dirty and gritty he became. In my mind, if this were to happen, he’d be so far in denial, he’d just be scaring himself into thinking he’s doing good. Ohman, I had this huge thing I was going to type… but I lost it.

I hope you guys get what I was going for….

Once-ler is Dr.Suess’/Illumination’s
Art is mine

HOLY TRUFFULA TREES, this is fantastic oh dear god. The expressions are just so excellent. The first panel in both pages 2 and 4 are just oh my. AND AND AND I love the grittinessss aaaaaa.







Wow. Beautiful <333


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